Homeowner Association Info

Answers to commonly asked questions regarding ownership in the Sunrise Bluffs Homeowner Association Info (HOA):

  • If you own a lot in Sunrise Bluffs you are automatically a member of the Sunrise Bluffs HOA and have agreed to the CC&Rs and R&Rs by virtue of ownership in the subdivision. The CC&Rs and R&Rs protect homeowners from situations in which their property values could be negatively impacted by factors outside of their control.
  • Association dues are $100 per month and cover a broad range of expenses. These include but are not limited to: landscape maintenance of common areas including sprinklers & electrical, clubhouse and recreational/pool building supplies, cleaning and maintenance, community entertainment, utility expenses which also include telephone/DSL, cable TV and the gate system, liability insurance for the common areas, Directors & Officers insurance for the Board, signage maintenance, annual tax returns & government required reports and management/ administrative expenses such as monthly invoicing, postage and copies for all homeowner communications.
  • The Sunrise Bluffs HOA is a non-profit corporation formed under New Mexico law to own, operate and maintain the Common Areas in Sunrise Bluffs Community and to administer and enforce the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of the Community. The Common Areas currently include the community entry and gate, the entry landscape areas, the Clubhouse, Recreation/Pool building and all of the streets, which are private streets and are maintained by the Association. Common Areas are owned by the Association, and the owners of the Association are the individual lots owners, including the Declarant. Because Sunrise Bluffs is a gated community and public access is not granted to the City, the City of Belen has a policy that it will not maintain streets, water and sewer lines which are not in publicly dedicated streets and areas. This is a similar policy to that of many other cities in New Mexico and in other states. If the Sunrise Bluffs streets were public, any citizen would have the right to use the streets at any time. Reserve funds are accumulated from monthly maintenance assessments, to pay for street repairs. Even though the water, sewer and streets are private, they were designed by and inspected by a registered civil engineer to public street and utility standards.
  • Sunrise Bluffs is operating under guidelines from the US Housing and Urban Development Department for 55+ age restricted communities. Under these guidelines at least 80% of the households in the community must be occupied by a resident age 55 or older. This permits the community to establish activities and restrictions that it would not otherwise be able to do. Sunrise Bluffs will not permit as residents, children or adults under the age of 25, unless special hardships exist, on a temporary basis. A person need not be retired to live in Sunrise Bluffs, and unless the community is getting near the permitted 20% of households NOT having a 55 plus year old resident, mature adult households will be permitted. The Board or its designated committee will screen all proposed households for compliance. All proposed purchasers or residents are required to be approved before they purchase or take up residency.
  • Pets are permitted in Sunrise Bluffs subject to registration as indicated in the Covenants and outlined more specifically in the Sunrise Bluffs Rules & Regulations section 2.0. All pets approved for the community must be considered to be domesticated by the general populace. Pets are not allowed in either the Clubhouse or Pool buildings.

For more information regarding the Sunrise Bluffs HOA please contact: Shanna Platow at (505) 362-2550

Home Owner Forms (PDF format)

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