December 2015

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Everyone loves their pets. Help your neighbors love your pets as well by following the simple rules regarding Pets and Animals in our Community:

  • Before bringing a pet into the Community: Residents must receive written approval from the Homeowner’s Association prior to obtaining or bringing a pet into the Community.
  • Registering your Pet: All pets must be registered with the Homeowner’s Association. Owners need to provide a picture of the pet and the picture needs to be filed in the Manager’s office. Owners also need to have their pet’s shots up to date.
  • Handling your Pets: All pets must be kept on a leash when not on the Resident’s home site. In Belen, it is against the law to allow your dogs to run at large. This means dogs must be restrained on your property by a fence or tethered at all times.
  • No Poop Fairy: To date, no poop fairy has been sighted in our Community. All pet droppings should be removed daily from the resident’s lot and the owner is required to clean up after their pets while walking them.
  • Pets are Restricted in some Areas: Pets are not allowed in either the Clubhouse or Recreation/Pool buildings including the adjacent patio to the pool.
  • Barking: With the warm weather, many of your neighbors keep their windows open. Pet owners are responsible for monitoring and deterring excessive barking which creates a nuisance for other residents. Belen has laws against excessive barking as well.
  • Damages: Pet owners are responsible for any damages caused by their pet to private property or Homeowner’s Association common areas.
  • Belen Animal Control: If the Homeowner’s Association is unable to identify a pet or contact the owner, the Board of Directors reserves the right to have any stray animal removed from the Community.



We recently visited with our new neighbors, Fred & Donna Winters who live at #334. They arrived October 5th and are looking forward to settling in and getting acquainted.

They moved here from the Garden Peninsula of Michigan which is in the Upper Peninsula. Fred is originally from Michigan and Donna is from just outside Rochester, NY.

Before retirement, Fred spent 30 years as a middle school history teacher. He was also in the Army Reserves. Fred makes wooden cleats for boats and for decorative purposes. He has a website for his woodworking, He is also working on reconditioning a 1947 Frazer to drivable condition.

Donna is an author and has 20 books to her credit. She is in the process of revising many of them for Kindle use. Her website is

As with many others, they were seeking relief from harsh winter weather and found it in the sunny Southwest. They found Sunrise Bluffs on the Internet and after a road trip looking here and a few other areas, they decided this was the place for them. They like the small town feel and the gated, dog friendly community.

They have 2 dogs in their family, a Staffordshire Terrier Mix and a Siberian Husky Chow mix. If you see them out walking, be sure and say hi.

Welcome to the Sunrise Bluffs Community!

Linda & Warren Wascher



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