March 2016

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03/04 Cindy Tucker
03/05 Warren Wascher
03/08 Kim Bloom
03/13 Mozelle Johnston
03/14 Don Parry
03/17 Irene Jollie
03/17 Charlene Ragsdale
03/22 Warren Reynolds
03/26 Carren Goldman
03/26 Bobby Smith
03/27 Judy Rich
03/28 Ann Sullivan
03/30 Larry Fisher



By Irene Jollie

We have a petty cash fund to reimburse residents who purchase items for the community such as clubhouse supplies, coffee & donuts, office supplies, cards for the card room, etc. Irene Jollie in #105 is in charge of the petty cash fund to reimburse residents immediately rather than waiting for a check to be issued and mailed. To get reimbursed you must submit a completed petty cash form (located at the office) with the receipt(s) attached. Expenses up to $250.00 must be approved by the manager of the month. Expenses under $50.00 can be approved by Irene.

Call Irene Jollie at 505-414-0266 to set up a time to pick up your reimbursement. Please do not arrive without calling first. If you need over $250.00 you will have to get a check request through Shanna in the office. The individual whose name is on the petty cash ticket must submit and pick up the funds.



Hello Sunrise Bluffs Residents! My name is Shanna Platow (Shawna Plato). I will be in the HOA office on Tuesday's and Thursday's from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and may be reached Monday thru Saturday between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. at (505) 362-2550 should you, your guests or other visitors need to reach me. I look forward to meeting you all!



Team Members:
Gloria #335 – Chairman
Darlene #227
Barbara B. #232
Barbara H. #125
Mary #129
Linda #222

The Welcome-Helping Hands Committee is available to welcome new residents to the community and share information on local events and activities.

At the request of the family, we will notify the community through the Helping Hands email in the event of a death and or details of funeral services. We are willing to assist a family to organize a meal or gathering at the clubhouse, should they want that. We do not do catering. We will also send out requests for help with short term needs of community members such as a few meals, picking up prescriptions or providing a ride for medical needs. We do not provide housekeeping services.

We maintain a list of Durable Medical Equipment that is available for loan to residents. Contact any committee member for further information.

We maintain a binder listing Service Providers that residents have used for painting, yard work and repairs to homes. The binder is located in the foyer of the clubhouse next to the suggestion box. If you have a business card or other information for a provider that you would like to recommend, place it in one of the clear sleeves in the appropriate section of the binder. Please date it and add your name if someone would like to contact you about the recommendation. This is a service to the community. Please contact Linda #222 if you have any questions or comments.

Our team welcomes any residents who might wish to join the committee



Upcoming Events

Saturday, March 5 – Computer Security Presentation
Thursday, March 17 – Corn Beef and Cabbage Dinner
Saturday, March 5 - Coffee and Donuts – Internet Fraud
Friday, April 15 – Tax Day
Sunday, May – Mother’s Day Reception We are considering a yard sale in April if enough residents are interested. Please contact Mary Hahn if you will be participating.
A&E Committee: Jerene, Kathy, Mary, Ann and Rich




Chairperson: Carren Goldman
Calendar: Pamela Rietz
Distribution: Terri Norris
Directory: Mary Hahn
A&E Liaison: Kathy Buckley
Sunburst Email:



Jane Adams – March & April


2014 - 2015 BLOCK CAPTAINS
Phase I
Blk. 1 - Pam Rietz
Blk. 2 - Michael Mikita

Phase II
Blk. 1 - Weldon Paxton
Blk. 2 - Barbara Bransky

Phase III
Blk. 1 - Paul Hasse
Blk. 2 - Paul Hasse