May 2016

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05/03 Gary Mayfield
05/06 Ray Holder
05/07 Frank De Planche
05/08 Mary Hahn
05/09 William Robson
05/11 Paul Eddy
05/12 Marilyn Mora
05/14 Linda Parry
05/14 Doug Webster
05/15 Robert Mason
05/17 Pamela Price
05/20 Sandy Webster
05/22 Lupe Reyes
05/22 Barbara Bransky
05/23 Gary Banker
05/25 Michael Mikita
05/26 Terri Norris
05/30 Jo Richert


Please help the community and management team by reporting issues promptly. Keeping our community safe and clean starts with you.

  • City of Belen:
    • Police Department
      • Emergencies: 911 Dispatch (non-Emergencies 24/7): 865-7501 Office (Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm): 966-2680 Crime Tip Line: 966-2677
      • Contact when:
        • A fellow resident, guest or trespasser threatens you or your guests in any manner.
        • You observe any suspicious activity within or near our community by residents, guests or trespassers.
    • Fire Department:
      • Emergencies: 911 Dispatch (non-Emergencies 24/7): 865-7501 Office (Mon – Fri 8am to 5pm): 966-2714
    • Water Department:
      • Office (Mon – Fri 8am to 5pm): 966-2730
      • Emergency Water Shutoff After Office Hours (Call in this order):
        • 865-2039 then 865-5475 then 865-7501 finally Dispatch (24/7): 865-7501.
    • Animal Control:
      • Dispatch 24/7: 865-7501
        • Depending on the issue (loose dog, dog bite, barking dog, etc) Dispatch will take the appropriate action.
  • Management Team:
    • Manager of the Month o When there are questions about the use of/or issues with the front gate, streets, clubhouse, storage garage, pool/exercise/billiard rooms/building. Manager of the month is listed in the Sunburst every month.
    • Block Captains: o When there are questions or issues with your neighbors or your property. o Any complaint needs to be made in writing or it will not be treated as a complaint.


Everyone loves their pets. Help your neighbors love your pets as well by following the simple rules regarding Pets and Animals in our Community:

  • Before bringing a pet into the Community: Residents must receive written approval from the Homeowner’s Association prior to obtaining or bringing a pet into the Community.
  • Registering your Pet: All pets must be registered with the Homeowner’s Association. Owners need to provide a picture of the pet and the picture needs to be filed in the Manager’s office. Owners also need to have their pet’s shots up to date.
  • Handling your Pets: All pets must be kept on a leash when not on the Resident’s home site. In Belen, it is against the law to allow your dogs to run at large. This means dogs must be restrained on your property by a fence or tethered at all times.
  • No Poop Fairy: To date, no poop fairy has been sighted in our Community. All pet droppings should be removed daily from the resident’s lot and the owner is required to clean up after their pets while walking them in the streets and common areas.
  • Pets are Restricted in some Areas: Pets are not allowed in either the Clubhouse or Recreation/Pool buildings including the adjacent patio to the pool.
  • Barking: With the warm weather, many of your neighbors keep their windows open. Pet owners are responsible for monitoring and deterring excessive barking which creates a nuisance for other residents. Belen has laws against excessive barking as well.
  • Damages: Pet owners are responsible for any damages caused by their pet to private property or Homeowner’s Association common areas.
  • Belen Animal Control: If the Homeowner’s Association is unable to identify a pet or contact the owner, the Board of Directors reserves the right to have any stray animal removed from the Community.


All Resident Emergency Contact Information sheets should be reviewed and updated by the May 10th meeting. The information is confidential and only used in emergencies. The completed form may be returned or mailed to Shanna's HOA office in the Clubhouse. Residents are welcome to stop by Shanna's office on Tuesday or Thursday between 9AM and 1PM for more information or for assistance. Please use the attached form. Thank you.


Homeowners interested in volunteering to be a Block Captain for the June election (1 year term) should contact their current Block Captain or Sylvia Balizan. The election ballots will be out in May 2016.



Chairperson: Carren Goldman
Calendar: Pamela Rietz
Distribution: Terri Norris
Directory: Mary Hahn
A&E Liaison: Kathy Buckley
Sunburst Email:



Kim Bloom – May & June


Bob Prewitt
Harvey Crowley
Silvia Balizan
Ann Pincus
Jane Adams

Paul Eddy
Ann Pincus
Jane Adams
Kim Bloom
Larry Gere
(Phone Numbers in Directory)

Pam Rietz (Ph 1 Block 1)
Mike Mikita (Ph 1 Block 2)
Weldon Paxton (Ph 2 Block 1)
Barbara Bransky (Ph 2 Block 2)
Paul Hasse (Ph 3)